District 117 Shifting Principals at Two Schools

By Benjamin Cox on January 8, 2024 at 1:09pm

Jacksonville School District 117 is making a mid-year switch of principals at two elementary schools.

Bobbie Mills will be switching back to North Elementary School, and Braxton Stewart will head back to South Elementary School.

Mills had previously served at North prior to this year. She replaced Tim Chipman who was shifted to Eisenhower Elementary at the start of this school year.

Stewart moved to North Elementary, after previously serving as the Dean of Students at South Elementary School the previous two years.

WLDS News sought comment from Superintendent Steve Ptacek on the rare, mid-school year move. Ptacek responded via email saying that the move was “made in the long-term interest of the district.”

Stewart alerted parents at North Elementary School via a phone message this morning calling the switch “unexpected.”