Downstate Sheriffs Wish to Expedite Legal Fight Over Inmate Transfers to Psych Facilities

By Benjamin Cox on July 29, 2022 at 6:15pm

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department wants to expedite its legal fight with the state over jail inmate transfers.

WMAY reports that in a new legal filing, Sangamon County along with 5 other downstate sheriff’s departments are asking for a fast track for discovery and trial over the state’s ongoing failure to transfer inmates to psychiatric facilities in a timely fashion. A hearing on a temporary restraining order is set for Monday.

In the filing, the sheriffs want to then proceed to discovery and depositions immediately , including a request to question Department of Human Service Secretary Grace Hou sometime next month.

Governor JB Pritzker recently extended an executive order suspending the requirement to transfer inmates to psychiatric care within 20 days, and the county says that shows the need for fast court action to resolve the dispute.