Downtown Concert Series Moving Due to Weather

By Benjamin Cox on June 24, 2021 at 11:13am

Tomorrow’s Downtown Concert is relocating due to incoming weather.

Jacksonville Main Street’s Judy Tighe says the concert is moving to a new venue in town tomorrow night: “The forecast for tomorrow does not look promising for an outdoor event, so we are going to relocate the concert for tomorrow night to Water’s Edge Winery’s barn. Mike Hayes has given us permission to come out there and use that as our rain location. That’s where we will be setting up. Beer and everything goes on sale at 6PM just like normal and the band will play at 7PM.”

Water’s Edge Winery is located at 1061 East Morton Avenue.

The Ernest James zydeco band concert is absolutely free to attend. The after party at the AMVETs is also still a go for tomorrow night. For any further updates, continue watching here or visit Jacksonville Main Street’s Facebook page.