Dr. Scott Boston offers thoughts on succession of Harry Schmidt as Passavant President and CEO

By Benjamin Cox on May 6, 2019 at 12:00pm

The newest President and CEO at Passavant Area Hospital was already in leadership.

Dr. Scott Boston, who served the Memorial Health System most recently as Passavant Area Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, has been chosen to take the top administrative position in succession of Harry Schmidt.

The presence of Dr. Boston at Passavant is not a new idea, and he will begin his personal effort in the top administrative role with Passavant on June 3rd.

Dr. Boston explains how recent conversations with management have been surprising.

“Certainly a very exciting time. It’s been a whirlwind of . The CMO role was enjoyable, and my understanding when I took it was that I would be doing it for several years. When Harry announced his resignation, I was approached by the leadership and was surprised at first. It was very exciting, and I was obviously interested.”

The new President and CEO details his medical field path while in west central Illinois.

“I have been a practicing physician since graduating my residency. I am Board-specialized in emergency medicine. I have been interested in administrative work and have performed various administrative roles in my career while being an ER doctor. These include an emergency department medical director at Passavant, assistant chief medical information officer at Memorial, and most recently as Passavant’s Chief Medical Officer.”

Dr. Boston describes the mental shift from hospital floors and lab coat to suit and CEO.

“It is a little bit of a surprise for me to have moved so quickly from CMO to CEO. The idea of leaving a medical practice, to be honest, is a bit bittersweet. I still enjoy taking care of patients, so that’s going to be a professional change for me. When you’re the emergency room doctor, you’re helping the patients on the floor at that time. The role of CEO maybe allows me to spread my net a little wider and have influence with people and in places that I may not have been able to before.”

Boston has earned leadership distinctions for many years, having been chief resident during his residency after medical school at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria.