Dreams Drawing Tickets Sell Out

By Jeremy Coumbes on August 13, 2021 at 9:47am

Tickets for the 2021 Routt Our Saviour Dreams Drawing have completely sold out.

Chairman of the Dreams Drawing for 2021, Joe Horabik says it is the fastest that tickets for the annual event have ever sold out in the history of the drawing.

The last of the more than 4,000 tickets available were sold on Wednesday of this week. Most years the last tickets are sold just a few days leading up to the event on Labor Day weekend.

Horabik says approximately seven tickets will be given away as prizes during the Family Fun Festival ahead of the drawing at 6 pm on Sunday, September 5th.

He says the Family Fun Festival has a little something for everyone in the days leading up to the drawing.

They do a really good job of putting on some different events. They started a golf outing last year that was pretty successful that they are going to continue on this year. A bike riding event, a 5K run. There’s a little something for everybody and then you have the beer and wine tents that are there and are always a pretty big hit, and we have some good bands playing this year as well. So there’s something for everyone to do there and is definitely a good time had by all.”

Horabik says he and the rest of the team are hoping that this year’s event will be able to held as normal after last year’s festival was canceled due to the pandemic.

Last year we kinda had a weird deal where we had to do everything virtually. We had just a small group of us over in the Martha Routt Room at the high school drawing tickets. But it’s always nice to have the crowd there and get the crowd involved. We are hoping to have the kindergartners and first graders draw the tickets for us this year. Last year with the pandemic we weren’t able to get last year’s kindergartners involved, so hopefully, we can get some of those first graders this year to help us out.”

The grand prize for this year’s event is $100,000 in cash. Horabik says he thinks the 2021 Jeep Wrangler as a second prize likely helped move tickets faster this year.

Along with the tickets available at the Family Fun Fest this year, WEAI 107.1 The Eagle will be drawing names now through Friday, September 3rd, for a chance to win one of eight remaining tickets for the Dreams Drawing.

The WEAI drawing will be held at noon on September 3rd, and the Dreams Drawing will be broadcast live from the Family Fun Festival at 6 pm Sunday, September 5th.