Drive-Through Vaccination Smoother the Second Time Around

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 27, 2021 at 3:15pm

Drive through COVID-19 vaccinations continued today in Jacksonville despite some tough weather conditions.

The Morgan County Health Department along with Jacksonville / Morgan Emergency Management and the Jacksonville Fire Department, held the second closed drive-through vaccination point of distribution today at the Morgan County Fairgrounds.

A line of cars circled the fairgrounds for the majority of the day. Morgan County Health Department Administrator Dale Bainter says it was a tough, but good day on the vaccination line.

It’s been less than ideal conditions, but you know we’ve had very, very dedicated staff today. We’ve had a very successful day. We are getting another greater than 500 immunizations in the community, so all good things.”

Bainter directed traffic for the two lines vehicles as they exited the covered vaccination area. Vehicles then proceeded to a waiting area where members of the Jacksonville Fire Department helped to monitor people in case anyone had any adverse effects from the shot.

Jacksonville / Morgan County Emergency Management Director Phil McCarty spent much of his time working the registration tent on the northside of the Fairgrounds. He says both the weather and flow of vehicles improved as the day wore on.

Despite that it was sleeting, raining, and snowing all in the first hour of our day this morning, the day has gone really well. We were overwhelmed with traffic earlier in the day. People were lined up for a little while and we’ve recovered from that this afternoon.

If everyone shows up at the first time of the day then it is a little rough in the morning. But we got through it. Our community is very patient and we are very blessed to have that here.”

McCarty is asking for the public’s help in making future vaccine distribution events smoother for everyone involved.

Everyone that came through today was scheduled for today. Everyone needs to be aware that we are going to contact you and tell you when to show up. Even if you have been registered we will call you ahead of time and let you know when you need to be at the next distribution point.”

McCarty says it will mean less wait time for patients and smoother flow through the lines for workers if attendees are spread out throughout the day.

Registration for the COVID-19 vaccine for those age 70 and older is now underway in Morgan County. Call 217-479-1817 to register.