Dry August

By Gary Scott on September 2, 2020 at 10:14am

Mother Nature turned off the rainfall spigot for August.

     Rainfall for the month hit just over an inch, specifically, 1 and 5 hundredths inches. That’s a full 2 and a quarter inches short of normal.

     There was measurable precipitation on just 8 of the 31 days. The heaviest was 55-hundredths on the 11th.

     But, let’s not shed too many tears. Rainfall and precipitation for the year is now at 30 and 3 quarter inches. That’s still 5 inches above normal.

     The average temperature for last month was 72 degrees. That’s nearly 3 degrees cooler than normal.

     The top reading last month hit above 90 six times, topping out at 94 on the 26th. The mercury dipped below 60 11 times. The coolest was 49 on the 30th, the only time the mercury fell below 50 in August.

     The hottest stretch for the month was on 24th through the 29th, when temperatures reached 90 or better on 5 of the six days.

     WLDS-WEAI is an official observer for the national weather service.