Duckworth Issues Rebuke of Spire-STL Pipeline in Letter to FERC

By Benjamin Cox on November 7, 2022 at 4:33pm

Senator Tammy Duckworth has issued a rebuke to the Spire STL Pipeline in West Central Illinois.

In a document obtained by WLDS News today, Duckworth’s office has issued a letter in support of constituents along the pipeline’s easement which stretches from Scott County down to the Metro East into St. Louis.

Duckworth says she and her staff visited with four separate properties along the pipeline’s easement to assess complaints her office has received over the last two years. According to Duckworth, “it appears Spire has misrepresented some of the facts in their reports submitted to FERC and it does not appear that Spire is as engaged in restoring landowners’ properties as necessary.”

Duckworth is asking that FERC hold Spire accountable and she has filed a letter in support of landowners’ letters filed with FERC on October 25th that ask FERC to address all land restoration issues and to issue a directed order to make Spire engage with landowners to draft a negotiated remediation plan for problems.

Several landowners have reported issues along the pipeline’s easement since its installation that include erosion, drainage issues, soil compaction and contamination, equipment damage due to debris in the easement’s right of way, and large debris and rocks in tillable soil.