DUI Arrests Double In Two Local Districts Since Beginning of Phase 4

By Benjamin Cox on August 19, 2020 at 7:16am

Driving Under the Influnce of Alcohol and Drugs arrests have more than doubled since May. According to statistics obtained Monday from the Illinois State Police for Districts 9, 18, and 20; DUI’s saw an extreme jump after Illinois was released from quarantine in June.

In District 9, which covers Morgan, Cass, Sangamon, and Menard counties among others – there were 51 DUI arrests between January and May. Between June and this month, there have been 61.

In District 18, which covers Greene, Macoupin, Jersey, and Calhoun counties among others there were 35 DUI arrests between January and May – including no DUI arrests at all in the month of May. Since June there has been 40.

In District 20 which covers Scott, Brown, Pike, Schuyler, and Adams, things have not been quite as stark. There were 19 DUI arrests between January and May. There have been 15 since.

There are various reports of DUI numbers being up and down in places around the country. However, DUI court has finally returned to normal in the local area as services for offenders have returned. The Illinois State Police has indicated that DUI details will be returning in their districts leading up to the Labor Day holiday.