Eat, Drink, Win Contest Becomes Annual Event

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 2, 2022 at 11:22am

A local contest spawned from the early days COVID-19 pandemic is now an annual event in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce has announced the return of the Eat, Drink Win event beginning in February.

The first Eat, Drink, Win started in December of 2020 in an effort to help struggling Jacksonville eating and drinking establishments during the lockdown. The initial event ran for two weeks, and Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Musch says the event was so successful, it was brought back in February of last year.

Musch says Eat, Drink, Win Again was also very successful so the Chamber decided to make the weekly drawings for a $100 chamber check an annual event. Musch says the event will be held in February every year which historically is a down month for bars and restaurants.

She says there is one good thing that has come from the Covid-19 pandemic going forward. “We’ve always talked and wanted to support local, but I think Covid has taught us all how really important it is that we continue to support our local bars, restaurants, and retail establishments. And we’ve seen such great support in 2020, but also really all of last year.

We had a lot of great support for all of our retailers and bars and restaurants, and we just want to keep that going in 2020 regardless if Covid is here rearing its ugly head or finally dissipating. We want to really continue that theme and make sure we’ve got a lot of great variety here in the Jacksonville area.”

Mush explains how easy it is to enter the weekly draw. “Beginning February 1st and through the 24th, if you spend ten dollars or more at any local bar or restaurant, keep your receipt. You can email a picture of that with your name and phone number on it to our chamber email address which is, or you can drop off your receipt with your name and phone number on it to our officer here at 155 West Morton. We’ve got a mail slot on the front door you can slip it through or pop in and say hello, whatever works best for you.”

You can enter as many times as you want each week and the drawing for the $100 chamber check will be held every Friday on the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page live stream.

For more information go to Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce dot org