End of the Line for Online Predator Hunting Group

By Benjamin Cox on November 5, 2021 at 10:17am

An online group known for catching sexual predators in online schemes to meet juveniles is now done.

The leader of KTS Predator Hunters, LLC, Kyle P. Swanson, entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office last week after he was indicted by a grand jury back on May 6th.

The 31-year old Swanson had been charged with unlawful restraint and obstructing justice — both felonies — and misdemeanor assault after a January 12th incident.

According to the Alton Telegraph, Swanson agreed to discontinue any predator sex stings in Madison County. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the case against Swanson but reserved the right to reinstate the case if he does not meet the terms of the agreement.

State’s Attorney Thomas Haine also took into account Swanson’s prior military service, and as a stipulation to the case, has required Swanson to participate in 20 hours of community service, to provide proof of treatment for his self-disclosed post-traumatic stress disorder, and to cooperate with any investigations or pending criminal cases concerning his sting operations in Madison County — including providing all digital evidence if requested.

According to Madison County Court documents, on Jan. 12, Swanson detained and threatened a man he “enticed” into his vehicle, and then tried to destroy cell phone videos that were evidence.

The Alton Telegraph reports that Swanson has been living in Fort Worth, Texas since his indictment. Swanson has until May 6, 2022, to comply with all terms of the deferred prosecution agreement.