Espirit de Corps ‘Discover Your Talent’ Night Tonight

By Benjamin Cox on March 30, 2023 at 8:52am

Parents of 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders can introduce their child to the world of music in Jacksonville tonight.

The Esprit de Corps Academy of Jacksonville is hosting a “Discover Your Talent” Night at First Presbyterian Church located at 870 West College Avenue from 6-8PM.

President of Esprit de Corps Tim Smith says it’s a way for later-grade elementary school students can find information on the corps and try out instruments that they would like to learn how to play: “It’s kind of like an instrumental petting zoo. You can see wind instruments. You can see brass instruments. You can see string instruments. You can get up close and personal with them. You can hold them. You can play them. You can try your hand at blowing a flute and see where that goes. There will be string instruments of many sizes and there will be people and teachers there to visit with you and see what [instrument] might fit you best.”

Smith says there is no cost obligation. He says the free group music instruction will be modeled after the Venezuelan government program known as “El Sistema” that was meant to enhance and transform lives, especially of low-income children, through exposure and training in the performing arts. The group will be strictly grant and donation driven as a local non-profit in hopes of getting children into band and the musical arts.

The music instruction will be done by several former and current music teachers in the local area. More information can be found by calling or texting 361-244-4001, or through email at