Exhumations Now A Part of Heinz Funeral Home Handling of Cremains Investigation

By Benjamin Cox on November 6, 2023 at 11:20am

The investigation into the mishandling cremains at Heinz Funeral Home continues to widen.

Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon told WCIA on Thursday that the investigation into Heinz Funeral Home and Family Care Cremations is now a month old and involves more than 60 families from all across the country.

Allmon says his office is still going to great lengths to get people their loved one’s remains back. He says that process has now involved performing exhumations in some cases.

Allmon says he’s now working with Illinois lawmakers to close up loopholes through the cremation process to ensure that a situation like this doesn’t happen again. He’s also proposing stiffer penalties for those who mishandle cremations.

Allmon says he’s learned through the investigation that there have been cases where bodies were cremated under the wrong name due to improper paperwork when the body was dropped off at the crematory. He says in most cases, the switch for the remains came after the cremation took place.

While the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation revoked the Funeral Director and Embalmer license of August Heinz in early October, the Illinois State Police have yet to file any criminal charges in the case.