Failed Traffic Stop Leads to Church Service Relocating

By Jeremy Coumbes on June 1, 2020 at 2:54pm

An attempted traffic stop Sunday morning led to a religious service being forced to relocate.

The 9:00 am services at Our Saviour were moved to the chapel Sunday at the request of Jacksonville Police.

Church officials began calling parishioners at approximately 7:40 am to announce the services needed to be moved, after a failed traffic stop, and subsiquent pursuit in the area by JPD.

Police officials say they were involved in a small pursuit of a vehicle after the driver refused to stop, after a short chase, the occupants exited the vehicle and fled on foot. The JPD K9 unit was called to assist the attempt to locate the individuals who were not found during the search.

Police investigators say the department believes there is no danger to the public from the individuals involved in the incident. They say for reasons still unknown, the occupants chose to flee the scene and in this case they were successful in evading the police.

Investigators say due to the involvement of the K9 unit, residents in the area, that includes Our Saviour were asked to stay indoors to make conditions easier for the K9 officer.

They say this was an isolated incident and is an ongoing investigation.