Fall Leaf Pick Up Still a No Go in South Jacksonville

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 30, 2020 at 8:57am

South Jacksonville residents are dealing with a fall out of sorts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The South Jacksonville Village Board of Trustees had more discussion on the inability of the village to provide fall leaf pick up this year.

Public Works Superintendent John Green gave the board a letter he had received from a concerned resident with suggestions on on ways the village could help residents deal with fall leaves.

Green says he wanted to make the board aware of the communication by a village resident, however the suggestions presented were options the board had already discussed.

We’ve ran through different options and just nothing works. I mean we just don’t have the manpower to do it like we normally do because we have the Department of Corrections help us, and with COVID they are not sending anybody out. It’s not that we want to do away with the program, we just do not have the manpower to do it on our own.”

The Illinois Department of Corrections announced earlier this year that due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, inmates crews that normally help state and local agencies with tasks like the fall leaf pick up, would not be offered this year.

The Board previously has suggested that Buster Sanitation Services will pick up yard waste, including branches, grass clippings and leaves. The service comes at a cost though, with only paper bags being allowed that also require a sticker for each bag at a cost of $3.50 each, something that many residents in areas with heavy tree cover say they cannot afford.

Village President Harry Jennings said during the discussion that he had been contacted by a landscaping company who said they would pick up bagged leaves cheaper per bag, and he invited any area lawn care businesses with interest in providing services to residents to contact him via the village Facebook page.

The village also said in email communication earlier this week that although the burning of leaves is allowed in the village, it is not recommended and if anyone chooses to burn their leaves, to use common sense and be aware of conditions ans surroundings for the safety of everyone.