Finalized Election Results Sees Little Change

By Benjamin Cox on November 23, 2020 at 6:01pm

West Central Illinois’ election totals have been finalized. Barely any of the numbers moved in favor of one candidate or another. Election officials from the State of Illinois finalized numbers and counted final provisional, mail-in, and absentee ballots from the November 3rd General Election on Friday.

Cass County had the least amount of change of any county. They had one outstanding ballot that needed tallied. Total turnout for Cass County this year came at 68.94% with 5,358 votes cast.

Greene County had 3 outstanding ballots. Total turnout in Greene County came to 69.09% with 6,299 votes cast.

Morgan County had the most amount of change, with 104 outstanding ballots. The ballots seemed to favor Democrats on the national stage and Republicans at the state level. Final turn out for Morgan County came to a notch over 70% with 15,430 ballots cast.

Scott County had the best turnout in West Central Illinois, with a final turnout of 77.7% with 2,758 votes cast. Scott County had 13 votes left to tally on Friday, which all fell squarely in favor of Republicans.