Fire Consumes Garage in White Hall on Memorial Day

By Benjamin Cox on June 1, 2021 at 1:53pm

A small structure fire in White Hall could have been a lot worse yesterday. White Hall Volunteer Fire Department Chief Garry Sheppard says that a propane grill caught a garage on fire at approximately 6:09PM at 525 North Main Street.

Sheppard says White Hall Fire crews got to the address approximately 5 minutes later: “It was a garage fire behind a house that set quite a ways off the street. It was kind of hard to get to because of the narrow driveways. It set right beside the neighbor’s garage, which was about 18 inches away. We were able to contain the fire to just the garage of the owner [who called], and there was no damage to the neighbor’s garage, thankfully.”

Sheppard says that the fire department was on scene for approximately 1 hour and were mutually assisted by the Roodhouse Fire Department. He says the owner of the home was able to get two vehicles out of the garage before fire spread to them. Sheppard says that a still-warm gas grill was the origin of the fire. Sheppard estimates the damage to the garage at $28,000 – $30,000.