First Downtown Concert A Huge Success

By Benjamin Cox on June 5, 2021 at 8:28am

The Jacksonville Downtown Concert Series was a huge success last night. The downtown square began filling up a little after 6PM, but things really got going when the Shagadelics hit the state at 7PM. Jacksonville Main Street Executive Director Judy Tighe says that the night makes her excited for the rest of the summer: “I know that there are certain bands and styles that we have that typically in year’s past have had really good turnout, so I’m really hoping for that to continue. I know the last concert of the season is The Harmons, and they are a local favorite. I’m really hoping every week that it is as big or bigger than our turnout from tonight.” Several folks showed up in 70s attire for the Disco Fashion Show.

The Jacksonville Schools Foundation crew is feeling groovy before they draw for cash prizes.

In between breaks last night, the Jacksonville Schools Foundation gave away over $13,000 in cash prizes for the Believe In Education Drawing. The winner of last night’s drawing for the grand prize of $10,000 was Beth Kershaw of Jacksonville. Schools Foundation Executive Director Amy Albers says that they met their ticket goals last night, with people lining up for tickets at the start of the concert last night: “People wait to come here to buy their tickets. People get mailed tickets and they want to bring them and drop them off here, or they wait and buy them here at the concert. We had a day-of winner tonight. They won $500.”

Other winners were:
$1,000 Second Prize Jan Davis of Jacksonville
$500 Prize Ellis Patterson of The Villages, Florida
$500 Prize Sheryl Robert’s of Winchester
$500 Prize Katie Flynn of Jacksonville
$250 Prize Dean and Judith Welch of Jacksonville
$250 Prize Lisa Lillpop of Jacksonville
$250 Prize Kristin Jamison of Jacksonville
$250 Prize Carol Grady of Jacksonville
$250 Prize Sandy Hartsook of Jacksonville.

The party carried on through the night at KJB’s Pinthouse after the concert. Next week, Kansas City Blues-Rock act Nick Schnebelen will hit the stage at the same time and place.