Flood 2019: Nutwood Levy of Great Concern Heading Into the Weekend

By Benjamin Cox on May 8, 2019 at 1:21pm

Southbound IL-16 just across the ferry in Kampsville. Both lanes are closed to the north and south, as many residents operate pontoon boats to get in and out of town.

The WLDS/WEAI listening area remains on alert as record-level river crests look to sweep the area this weekend, with more precipitation on the way.

Meredosia’s flood fighting had been extremely successful up until Monday afternoon, when an expected levy was over-topped 1 mile south of town at Upper Smith Lake. Morgan County ESDA Chief Phil McCarty says the over-topped levy was expected and controlled.

Blake Roderick, Executive Director of the Pike-Scott Farm Bureau, states that the main concern is boils in levees and the length of time the water has been on the levees. Flood fighting activities will be ramped up in the Big Swan district in Scott County near Florence due to low spots near the bridge. IL-100 near Beardstown is expected to be impacted by water over the road. Please be aware of high water in this area, as water has reached the 28 ft. mark.

Calhoun High School students and Hardin residents fill sandbags in the center of Hardin for nearby Nutwood and Hardin levy districts.

Hillview, Pike and Scott County levy districts have all remained fairly calm as their sandbagging efforts continue through this week on into the weekend, despite the higher predicted crests. The Nutwood levy district in northern Calhoun County is currently seeking sandbagging volunteers as soon as possible. It is the area of greatest concern for southern Greene and northern Calhoun counties. Nutwood’s levy holding will determine if the bridge at Hardin will remain open. Calhoun High School has been closed due to floodwaters closing off access to the campus. Many of the students have been a part of the flood fighting efforts in Hardin.

Kampsville, just across the river from Eldred, is currently paralyzed by floodwaters. The Kampsville Ferry is the only way in and out of town by vehicle, as Illinois Route 100 is topped all over town. Hardin’s road access remains somewhat limited, but citizens are mobile with vehicles throughout the southern and central part of town, just south of the bridge.

Naples, in Scott County, had issued a soft alert to local residents about moving things to higher ground earlier this week as flood crests are expected within the next several days. Those crests may come close to over-topping some of the levies in that district.

The following road closures are still in force per the Illinois Department of Transportation:

US-54 from Atlas in Pike County to Louisiana, MO via the Champ-Clark Bridge remains closed until further notice.
IL-100 from the Calhoun County Line into Pearl in Pike County is closed. Roads in and around Mozier in northern Calhoun also have closures.
IL-96 to IL-100 into Kampsville is closed
IL-100 to IL-16 leading into Pike County from Hardin is closed
Some rural roads leading to Hillview from the Apple & Hurricanew Creek bottoms are washed out and are closed.