Former IL Congressman Paul Findley Has Died

By Benjamin Cox on August 9, 2019 at 2:02pm

A former top lawmaker in Washington D.C. And Jacksonville resident has died. Former Congressman Paul Findley, 98, of Jacksonville has passed according to Findley former political opponent and friend Senator Dick Durbin.

Findley represented a large portion of central Illinois from 1960-1982, serving 11 terms.  He lost his seat to Durbin in 1982 in a close race that was decided by a few hundred votes.  The two became friends after the election.

Findley was born and educated in Jacksonville at both Jacksonville High School and Illinois College. Findley was known as a strong agricultural advocate in Congress and was largely responsible for opening up communication with the Palestinians in the Middle East during his tenure.

Durbin had this to say in a released statement: Paul Findley will be remembered as a true expert in Ag policy, a small town newspaper publisher with a passion for foreign policy, and an elected official who showed exceptional courage in tackling the age old controversies in the Middle East. With Paul Findley’s passing, Illinois has lost an exceptional public servant and I have lost a friend.”