Franklin School Board president not ready to fully support wind farm project

By Benjamin Cox on February 7, 2019 at 11:34am

The Franklin School Board president would embrace tax revenue from the potential Lincoln Land Wind project, but is cautious to completely support a wind farm in eastern Morgan County.

A special Franklin Community Unit School District 1 Board of Education meeting was held Tuesday evening regarding a potential resolution of the Board. The resolution is in support of a ‘Renewable Energy Wind Farm’. The resolution clearly states, “The support is based on the financial improvement that it will bring to the school district. Most importantly, this financial improvement will have a positive impact on the education of thousands of students over the next 20 years. This financial support will help provide experiences for our students that they would otherwise never have. These increased opportunities will carry into their adult lives and impact their families as well. This financial improvement will allow the district to develop, maintain, and provide the safest facilities and transportation services available.”

A picture of this resolution was sent to WLDS/WEAI News by Helen Humphreys of Apex Clean Energy, the company behind the Lincoln Land Wind project, though in the picture the resolution is not signed.

Although he declined to provide taped comments, Franklin Board of Education president Curt Reznicek told WLDS/WEAI News yesterday that he has some regrets in hindsight, mainly with the title of the resolution. Reznicek stressed that his idea of the resolution was to come out in support of the monetary benefits from the potential Lincoln Land Wind project, though not necessarily to make an official declaration of actual support toward the 300 megawatt project.