Frese’s Daycare Legislation Passes House Committee

By Benjamin Cox on May 3, 2024 at 12:22pm

99th District State Representative Randy Frese of Paloma has seen his daycare legislation approved in committee.

Senate Bill 3207 was given approval in the Child Care Accessibility & Early Childhood Education Committee Thursday morning. The bill came as a request from a daycare provider in Quincy who would like the option to provide 24-hour daycare availability for shift workers.

According to Frese, the intent is not to allow a child to be in a daycare facility for 24 hours but to provide flexibility for caregivers: “It will provide that a daycare center may operate for 24 hours, and may provide care for a child for a period for up to 12 hours if the parent or guardian of the child is employed in a position that requires regularly scheduled shifts and a 10-hour period lapses between daycare visits.”

The bill was previously given unanimous approval in the Senate. It now heads to the Illinois House floor for a vote.