Frontier Communications Closing Jacksonville Retail Store

By Benjamin Cox on July 16, 2021 at 12:23pm

Frontier Communications is closing its retail store in Jacksonville.

The telecommunications company announced yesterday that it would be closing 16 retail store locations nationwide on July 31st.

The retail location in Jacksonville is located at 330 West Beecher Avenue.

Frontier says that retail teams have been working remotely with customers since the pandemic began, and it has transformed how the company now does its business. Frontier team members will continue to serve residential, small-business, education and enterprise customers.

Bud Hirst, assistant vice president of Frontier’s Alternate Channels team said in a press release that the company has welcomed the innovation of meeting customers where they wish to be met – online and through the phone. Hirst says that the change has made it easier to contact Frontier for customer needs.

Jacksonville will join stores in Marion and Bloomington as a part of the closure.

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