Gas Hits Record High

By Benjamin Cox on May 13, 2022 at 1:54pm

GasBuddy’s price report this week says unleaded jumped 19 cents in Illinois this week. Prices have been on a constant rise since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

GasBuddy’s Patrick DeHaan told WJBC this week that the trend isn’t going to subside any time soon: “There’s not much downside coming, and that has been brought on by the fact that demand is high. Refineries – that’s a whole different boat, as well. The refining capacity in the U.S. is down by a million barrels per day compared to 2019. That’s really what’s kind of creating somewhat of a disconnect between oil and refined products like diesel and gasoline.”

The cheapest gallon of gas in Jacksonville is $4.34 a gallon. AAA says the average cost in Morgan County this week is $4.53 a gallon. Scott County was at $4.38 a gallon just two days ago but has gone up four cents. Brown County has the cheapest gas in the region at $4.34 a gallon. Illinois’ state average is $4.80 a gallon, with the national average sitting at $4.43 a gallon – both record highs.

According to GasBuddy, Illinois has the sixth highest cost for unleaded fuel in the nation, while Illinois’ diesel prices at $5.27 a gallon are the 10th cheapest.

Neighboring Missouri’s prices average at $4.02 a gallon.