Gas Prices Hold Steady In Jacksonville

By Benjamin Cox on June 3, 2020 at 1:01pm

Jacksonville’s gas prices are 5 cents higher than the national average, but remain cheaper than a year ago.

Jacksonville’s gas prices vary on every end of town from 1.89 at one location to 2.19 at another. It’s the largest single variance in over a month. Most prices in the area are firmly planted at $2.05, which is the Morgan County average. However, the average cost is slightly lower with 5 locations still under $2 a gallon with the average cost at all 15 locations at $2.03.

Jacksonville’s price is better than the state average of $2.23 a gallon. Scott, Brown, and Schuyler counties still have better averages in the area, still a few cents under $2 a gallon. After spiking after the stay-at-home order was lifted last weekend, gas prices have remained steady. They are 77 cents better than a year ago’s price of $3 a gallon.

The Springfield region is right in line with Jacksonville, averaging $2.03 a gallon. Nearby states of Missouri and Indiana are still well below $2 a gallon, driving many travelers over the border for cheaper gas. Missouri’s $1.66 per gallon price places it in the top 5 in the nation.

With gas stocks still high and demand now ramping up, motorists may see gas prices climb slowly throughout the remainder of the summer, especially if COVID-19 restrictions loosen and more people make regional holiday travel plans.