General Assembly Currently Hearing Resolution to Help Students, Employees Displaced by Lincoln College Closure

By Benjamin Cox on April 6, 2022 at 8:55am

87th District State Representative Tim Butler has filed a resolution in the General Assembly to help Lincoln College students left in the lurch by the college’s announced closure.

Rep. Tim Butler-Springfield

House Joint Resolution 92 is currently in committee. Butler says his resolution would urge every higher education institution in the state to extend their application deadline for current students of Lincoln College: “[State] Senator Sally Turner and I have introduced joint resolutions that would urge the other schools in the State of Illinois to accept transfers from Lincoln College to waive fees, waive transfer fees, waive deadlines, waive residency requirements, and match any financial assistance that these students may have. Certainly, it’s a tough blow for not just these students but to the faculty, the staff, the community of Lincoln; but we’re trying to do all we can to soften the blow and make sure that especially the students have some place to be able to go to school next Fall and make it as easy for them as possible.”

The resolution also calls for the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to work with the displaced Lincoln College employees to ease their financial hardships and support their attempts to find new employment.