Generic Tadalafil Soft

By Gary Scott on January 7, 2022 at 11:46am

Cialis Soft is the newest generic drug that helps millions of men around the world to fight various forms of erection problems. Its use allows men to have an active sex life and give great pleasure to both themselves and their soul mates.

Almost everyone knows the medicine under the brand name Cialis, which has long been very popular among men suffering from impotence or a weakened erection. Its new version, Cialis soft, was created according to an improved formula and has much higher quality properties. The medicine begins to act much faster with the help of absorption into the bloodstream immediately from the oral cavity, bypassing the stomach.

If you have tried regular Cialis, then you just need to use Cialis software. It retains all the best from traditional pills and adds new beneficial properties. So, the main advantages of conventional tablets – the duration of action within 36 hours – remained in the new drug. Added to it are reduced waiting time before the action starts, which will make it possible to enjoy intimacy much faster than before – and you will get an almost perfect remedy for any problems in bed.

After taking cheap generic Cialis, its action will be almost instant. It lies in the fact that due to the expansion of the vessels in the cavernous bodies, an increased blood flow will be directed to the penis, due to which a much better and more stable erection is achieved in men. The drug itself is not an aphrodisiac, therefore, you will receive an adequate reaction of your body only with natural sexual arousal.

Taking the medicine has become much faster and more convenient due to the fact that Cialis soft was made in the form of soft tablets. Now you don’t have to swallow a pill and wait a long time for it to dissolve in the stomach and enter the bloodstream. You just need to put Cialis soft under your tongue and wait a little. Dissolution will occur almost instantly, after which the drug is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and begins to take effect. The recommended dose is 20 mg; you cannot use the drug more often than once per day. After application, the man will be ready for intercourse at any time within 36 hours.

Side effects after using Cialis Soft are rare. If they do occur, then most often they are headaches, flushing of the face, nasal congestion and back pain. Less commonly, you may experience eye pain and swelling of the eyelids. In case of drug overdose up to 500 mg, side effects were the same as with lower doses. In such cases, the usual symptomatic treatment is recommended.

Very rarely, but still, there are cases of continuous erection for three or more hours, darkening in the eyes and a change in the perception of light, the appearance of tinnitus. It is not known exactly what may affect these symptoms, but if you have them, it is best to see a doctor.