GFL Making One More Pass Through City for Spring Clean Up, Asks Not to Call if Missed

By Jeremy Coumbes on May 19, 2023 at 11:32am

GFL customers in the City of Jacksonville have a few more days to have household items picked up, however, it will cost them a lot if they miss the last opportunity.

The Jacksonville City-Wide Spring Clean-Up was run this week. GFL Environmental informed city leaders this morning that their crews would not be picking up household items left curbside today as they have no trucks to perform the service.

In the communication, GFL officials say the company is planning to run one more sweep across town beginning this upcoming Monday, May 22nd. The sweep will start from the east side of Jacksonville and move to the west. Officials say it may take a few days.

GFL residential customers in the City of Jacksonville are asked to have their items out on the curbside by first thing Monday morning. However, GFL warns that if a resident fails to put their items out by Monday morning and they are missed by the pick-up crews, they will not go back to pick the items up.

GFL is also asking the public to not call them if their items are missed. GFL officials say residents are welcome to drop their stuff off at the transfer station on Route 104 for a minimum fee of $180.00.

GFL is also reminding Jacksonville, residents, that in order to have their items picked up curbside, they must be a GFL customer with an account in good standing, otherwise, they will need to make other arrangements.