GFL Pulls Community Recycling Bin At Rte 104 Transfer Station

By Benjamin Cox on February 22, 2023 at 4:01pm

The community recycling bin at the GFL Transfer Station on Illinois Route 104 has been removed.

Jacksonville City Clerk Skip Bradshaw says that the recycling bin was not being used for its intended purpose by a small group of people. He says people were dropping off forbidden items like tires, batteries, paint, and concrete among other items. He says it was the same situation that the city-owned recycling bin encountered when it was on Oak Street years ago.

Bradshaw says that businesses and rural Morgan County residents who used the community recycling drop-off have no other recourse than to haul their recycling to a bin in Springfield. The transfer station’s recycling bin was the only community bin in Morgan County.

A resident who contacted GFL about the recycling bin contacted WLDS News last week and said they were told that since the City of Jacksonville signed an exclusive contract with their trash service that the recycling bin was not necessary.

An email has been submitted directly to the company’s website for clarification as their current phone number does not support media requests.

GFL ceased taking recycling at the IL-104 transfer station bin officially on February 1st.