Goetten Receives Endorsement From Current & Former Greene Co. Law Enforcement Officials

By Benjamin Cox on September 28, 2020 at 3:38pm

Past and present law enforcement in Greene County have endorsed Democrat Matt Goetten for the Greene County Circuit Judge vacancy in the November General Election. In a letter signed by 10 former and current law enforcement leaders in the county, Goetten is being endorsed for his over 18 years of experience in the courtroom as a former Greene County State’s Attorney and Special Appellate prosecutor for the State of Illinois. The leadership coalition cites Goetten’s knowledge of the law, his work ethic, and his experiences gained as a member of the armed services as the best choice for the position.

The letter was signed by retired Greene County Sheriffs Mike Fry and Rick Graham, retired White Hall Chief of Police Jack Wallis, retired Roodhouse Chief of Police Steve Speeks, current Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen, White Hall Chief of Police Luke Coultas, Carrollton Chief of Police Terry Gross, acting assistant Carrollton Chief of Police Mike McCartney, Roodhouse Chief of Police Kyle Robison, and Greenfield Chief of Police John Goode.

Goetten is facing off against Republican candidate Zachary Schmidt of Carrollton in the General Eleciton for the Greene County Circuit vacancy left by the retiring Judge James W. Day.