Government Buildings’ Status In the Area Due to COVID-19

By Benjamin Cox on March 17, 2020 at 6:02am

Here is a list of some essential government functions current operations due to the coronavirus outbreak restrictions:

The City of Jacksonville Municipal Building remains open for normal business hours, but all non-essential public meetings have been canceled until further notice.

South Jacksonville Village Hall and all Facilities will be closed to the public through March 31st. Only essential staff will be permitted inside. Water bills can be paid using night deposit boxes or online. For further assistance, call the Village office at 245-4803. The closure does not effect today’s Election Day polling place at the Fire Department on Sequoia Drive.

Morgan County court will be operating at a reduced capacity beginning Wednesday. traffic cases; small claims cases; weddings and civil unions are all postponed until further notice. Each party in such crucial cases will receive an amended notice in the mail. If there are questions, call the Circuit Clerk’s office at 243-5419.

The Eighth Judicial Circuit which covers Brown, Cass, Pike, and Schuyler counties will also operate at reduced capacity for essential-only functions. civil jury trials; traffic cases; misdemeanor cases; probate; small claims; family court; child support; law magistrate; juvenile cases; and marriages are all postponed. All matters with those in custody; criminal felony matters; juvenile temporary custody matters; juvenile detention hearings; petitions for emergency orders of protection; hearings for plenary orders of protection; emergency hearings on family matters as scheduled by the court; and any emergency hearing scheduled by the assigned judge will all continue as scheduled.

The Cass County Courthouse and Cass County Sheriff’s Annex will be closed to the public until further notice. The Cass County Clerk’s Office will be open today during business hours for grace period voting only. Tonight, the courthouse will be open to election personnel only. Visit online for contact information if you need to contact a specific department for information or have questions.

The Morgan County Jail and Greene County Jail have suspended inmate visitations until further notice. No one is permitted inside the jail unless they are authorized personnel of the sheriff’s office.

MCS Services in Jacksonville is closed until March 31st. They have postponed all LIHEAP, Weatherization, CSBG and any other appointments until further notice.