Governor announces agreement with ISD teachers

By Gary Scott on May 19, 2016 at 8:43am

Governor Bruce Rauner announced on Wednesday that a four-year collective bargaining agreement has been reached with a union representing teachers at the Illinois School for the Deaf.

The agreement is with the Illinois Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO Local 919.

According to a press release, the agreement includes a structure for a new labor-management committee to facilitate discussions between the union and senior members of the Rauner administration to advance the school’s mission.

The press release says it also allows the teachers to join the health insurance program agreed to by other unions and offered to the state’s nonunion employees that will allow the teachers to maintain their current premiums and coverage.

In addition, the agreement includes a performance-based incentive program, a four-year temporary salary freeze.

Rauner’s office also says it’s committed to improving summer employment opportunities and filling educator vacancies with well-qualified candidates in a timely fashion, which had been fought for by Jacksonville state legislators and signed into law by Rauner last summer.

Rauner’s administration notes it’s reached agreements with 17 other unions.