Governor Duncan Mansion BBQ Set for This Evening

By Benjamin Cox on June 25, 2022 at 2:18pm

The Governor Duncan Mansion will play host to a historical barbeque on their lawn this evening.

Susan Hardin of the Daughters of the American Revolution who do the upkeep at the mansion says its a reenactment of an actual event: “The event is supposed to be a re-creation of a barbeque that Governor Duncan actually held on the grounds for Daniel Webster. It’s an attempt to historically re-enact an event that actually occurred here in Jacksonville.”

The 1837 event will be commemorated by re-enactor Buford Stowers will perform a speech given by Webster on the lawn. In 1836, Webster had unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States as a member of the Whig Party. Webster was elected as a member to the American Philosophical Society in 1837. Stowers will re-enact the speech that was recorded of enamoring the crowd.

The evening will feature BBQ catering from Hamilton’s, a bourbon tasting, bottomless beer, and the SafeCo Ice Cream trolley. Live music will also be on hand from 7:30-9PM.

Duncan Mansion Association President Becky Baumgart hopes for a large turnout: “Many of you might remember in the past, we have always held a Holiday Gala in December. This year we decided to try something different. It’s been something that’s been on our backburner for awhile. This year we are going to do the Governor Duncan BBQ, and it’s going to be our main fundraiser for the year. We are hoping lots of people are going to join us.”

Tickets are $30 per person. For more information, call 217-491-1356. Social Hour begins at the Duncan Mansion at 5PM, located at 4 Duncan Place here in Jacksonville.