Governor’s Office Provides Update on COVID Vaccine Rollout

By Benjamin Cox on December 30, 2020 at 9:59am

Healthcare Professional at Memorial in Springfield Receive Doses of the Pfizer Vaccine on December 16th.

The Governor’s office provided information yesterday about further roll out of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the state. Press Secretary Jordan Abudayyeh said in email communication yesterday evening that 108,225 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 161,400 doses of Moderna vaccine have been delivered. The numbers do not include anything delivered to the City of Chicago.

According to Abudayyeh, starting last week, federal agencies began delivering doses directly to Local Health Departments and providers which are not going into Illinois’ Strategic National Stockpile. She says that as of close of business on Monday, over 126,000 shots have been administered throughout the state, including Chicago.

Abbudayyeh says that the State of Illinois has set aside just over 76,000 doses for the federal CVS/Walgreens partnership to begin vaccinations at the state’s skilled nursing facilities this week. She says the amount will be approximately 50% of what is needed to complete the first dose at all facilities in the state. She says the remaining 50% will be reserved over the next two weeks. The first day of the CVS/Walgreens partnership began on Monday at 26 clinics. The process to vaccinate residents and staff at state-run facilities and veterans homes has also begun.

The third shipment of vaccine is expected to begin on a rolling basis today, tomorrow, and Monday. Abudayyeh says that estimates for local health departments are subject to change due to any unprojected challenges that may occur at the federal level between now and the end of the week.