Great Scott Market in Winchester to Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

By Benjamin Cox on September 16, 2019 at 9:24am

A new staple in the Winchester community is going be celebrating its one year anniversary in two weeks. The Great Scott Community Market, a community-based grocery store specializing in local farm-to-table food and goods is set to mark it’s first year of existence. John Paul Coonrod, one of the local managers to the store, says he’s not actually sure when the store opened date-wise because of a shipment of produce. He says that the true anniversary lies somewhere between the last week in September and the first week of October because they sold simply produce first.

Coonrod says that the store hasn’t really put together a party or any kind of an event. He says that all those involved in the store, though, have talked about the previous year’s lessons and the future moving forward. “There were alot of hard times, especially in the winter; but I think that’s normal for all grocery stores. Things picked back up in the Spring and we’ve been doing well and we’ve made a few changes to make things more profitable to continue to provide a valuable service [in Scott County].”

Coonrod believes that the business model of local investors, local suppliers, and local shoppers have been the critical lifeline of the store. They are truly an independent store in that they buy local produce, local goods like honey, and things sourced from local growers. Coonrod says it also helps that they have one of the best craft wine and beer selections in the county. He also believes that the produce from local growers put the farm-to-table concept to work in the best ways, for the freshest, best tasting products.

The Great Scott Community Market is open to anyone to shop, located at 11 East Market Street in Winchester. For more information about the market or to possibly become a local supplier of goods, call 730-0103.