Green Pastures Fundraiser Hopes to Secure Money for Facility Upgrades

By Benjamin Cox on October 28, 2021 at 2:59pm

A local, non-denominational camp is looking for some donations coming up next month. Green Pastures is known throughout the area for its long-standing performing arts camp.

Green Pastures Board member Keith Bradbury says you’d be hard pressed to find someone in Jacksonville who isn’t an alumni of the camp: “Most people are familiar with Green Pastures because of the performing arts camp that has been going on for nearly 40 years. Thousands of kids have come through there. The performing arts camp is a two-day camp. Traditionally, the kids just stay one night. It’s usually schedule for 4 weekends in June, so there will be as many as a thousand kids that go through there in a month. You don’t have to go very far in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities to find someone that went to Green Pastures’ performing arts camp.”

Bradbury says that COVID-19 has stymied both fundraising efforts and the number of volunteers the non-profit camp has needed over the last 18 months. Bradbury says the forty-year old facilities are in need of major updates. He says the grounds serve everyone from out-of-state church groups, local faith-based organizations, to hunters and campers.

Bradbury says that K’s Creek Golf Course has set up a fundraiser next month to raise free will donations with the group Two By Two: “There will be no admission fee. It’s all free will donation. Along with Two By Two, we’ll also have Rod Nicholson there, Robert Sampson will be there, a bluegrass group there called the Bluegrass Gospel Five, and then the Gospel Gals will be there as well – they are primarily Jacksonville ladies. There will be a bucket out, and there will be some pleas for money. Be prepared for that because that’s our purpose. We look for all levels of giving. If a person can put in $5 – great. If they can put in $5,000 – even greater. It should be a really great day.”

The fundraiser is scheduled for Sunday, November 14th from 5-8PM. The donations will be matched by the Ken Bradbury Foundation dollar for dollar. K’s Creek is located at the former North Ridge Golf Course located at 1265 Sandusky Road in Jacksonville.