Green Pastures Spring Concert Fundraiser on Sunday

By Benjamin Cox on March 15, 2024 at 4:39am

A local retreat center’s Spring fundraiser is coming up this weekend in Jacksonville.

Green Pastures is hosting a free Concert at K’s Creek Golf Club, located at 1265 Sandusky Road in Jacksonville this Sunday starting at 6PM.

Green Pastures Board member Keith Bradbury says the line up is filled with some well known local groups: “We’ve this concert there before and had a tremendous turnout. It’s kind of led by 2×2, a group out of the Arenzville area, fellas that do Christian music. They are kind of headlining it, but right behind them, we have the Benz Trio. If anybody knows Terri Benz – oh my gosh – she and her daughters put on a show that is just absolutely phenomenal that you can’t get at any price. We’ve got Roger Wainwright coming. He’s a musician that plays in a couple of bands in the area. One of which is Deja Voodoo, which is very popular in the Springfield area. He was co-writer with my brother Ken on a lot of his musicals. He’s an extremely talented guy. Along with him, we have Hope Cherry, who most people know in this area. She has roots here. Hope just finished a big show in Springfield.”

There will be no cost to get in, but a free will donation is being requested. K’s Creek restaurant and bar will be open for personal purchases. All proceeds from the free will donation will go towards Green Pastures grounds upkeep and programming.