Greene Co. Health Department Partners With Tri-County Rural Transit For Medical Appointment Vouchers

By Benjamin Cox on April 25, 2023 at 12:23pm

The Greene County Health Department is partnering with Tri-County Rural Transit to address transportation needs for people needing assistance getting to their medical appointments.

Greene County Health Department Administrator Molly Peters says the partnership will fulfill a need in the community and make for better health outcomes: “This is an opportunity for individuals seeking medical appointments, so not just getting to the health department but their other doctors’ offices or physicians or other appointments – to get there and have access. Transportation continues to be a huge barrier for people in Greene County. We’re trying to eliminate some of that barrier by supporting the transit and individuals that need transportation.”

Peters says that people who regularly use the service can get the cost taken care of after calling for a voucher through the Health Department’s Community Health Division: “We have received grants funds that assist with medical appointments as well as individuals who are seeking counseling or mental health needs. This is supported through the grant funds for now. If it is well received, we’ll be able to look for other ways to make that impact on other future grants. I’d like to see that people make contact with our Community Health Division. It’s option 6 at 217-942-6961. If they use the rural transit on a normal basis of if they are going to try it out for the first time, we will provide a voucher system for that transportation to be free of charge.”

The department reminds residents that a 24-hour notice is required for scheduling transit within Greene, Jersey, and Calhoun and 72 hours is required for transportation outside the service area, subject to availability.