Greene County Couple Charged With Obstruction & Endangerment

By Benjamin Cox on November 6, 2019 at 7:48pm

A Greene County couple that was arrested in Morgan County last month have been formally charged in Greene County Circuit Court with obstruction of justice and endangering the life and health of their children. 22 year old Kayla M Elliott of Greenfield and 33 year old Clinton L Elliott of the 300 block of East Superior Avenue were arrested in the 1900 block of West Morton Avenue at around 10AM on October 28th by Jacksonville Police. Police were alerted to their presence in the county by Greene County Sheriff’s deputies.

The obstruction of justice charge in Greene County Circuit Court today alleges that on September 4th the Elliotts refused to bring their minor children for a mandated Child Advocacy Center interview in Jerseyville after the children had made statements that they had possibly been sexually abused by a family member. The Elliotts have allegedly refused to show up to the interview several times, according to statements obtained from Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe by the Greene Prairie Press. According to the charging documents, by refusing to bring the children to the interview, the Elliotts intended to interfere in the prosecution of 27 year old Ricky L. Wilkinson, the children’s uncle. Wilkinson was arrested by Greenfield Police on August 28th and was charged in Greene County Court the following day with two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor under the age of 13.

The Elliotts’ charges of endangering the life and health of a child stem from an alleged August 24th incident in which they willingly let their children be present with Wilkinson. Wilkinson is currently awaiting a mental fitness evaluation from the Illinois Department of Human Services to see if he is able to stand trial. Wilkinson’s Class X felony charges carry a sentence of 6 to 60 years in prison, followed by a mandatory supervised release period of 3 years to natural life.

The Elliotts charges of obstruction and endangerment carry a 1 to 3 year sentence in the Department of Corrections and at least a $2500 fine with eligibility for probation. The obstruction charge is a Class 4 felony. The Elliotts faced their preliminary hearing in court today. They are currently being lodged at the Greene County Jail. Wilkinson’s fitness status will be heard on November 18th. Wilkinson is also being lodged at the Greene County Jail.