Greene County Detention Facility drug-induced homicide case reportedly close to plea

By Benjamin Cox on January 4, 2019 at 1:32pm

The case of drug-induced homicide involving the death of Michael Burrus may be close to finished, as special appellate prosecutor Matt Goetten says a plea settlement is imminent.

28 year old Cody Crum, of Roodhouse, is charged with Drug-induced Homicide in the August 1st death of Burrus at the Greene County Detention Facility.

Crum appeared in Greene County court on Friday for a pre-trial conference, which was promptly resolved with the presentation of the state’s ideas regarding the matter of a potential plea. Crum’s defender, Craig Grummel, seemed content with this, and Crum was unmoved.

The process will move forward with a continuation of the pre-trial conference setting. A motion to vacate the jury setting was announced by the prosecutor after the initial conference. The January jury trial setting for Greene County is scheduled for next Monday the 7th, but the next time Cody Crum will be in Greene County court is Thursday, January 10th at 1 p.m.