Greene County Farmers Call For Congressional Hearing On FERC & Spire Pipeline

By Benjamin Cox on August 3, 2020 at 9:09am

A small group of Greene County landowners are angry at a large energy company and their local Congressman. Local landowners in western Greene County had a chance to voice frustrations last Thursday to Congressman Rodney Davis’ office at the Greene County Courthouse over the Spire natural gas pipeline. The pipeline land easement has allegedly destroyed vegetation on some 20 farmer’s adjacent properties and caused local road district damage.

Davis was not in attendance at the meeting but his projects and grants director Phillip Lasseigne, conducted the meeting. Lasseigne had originally tried to prevent the local press from attending the meeting but Judge James W. Day called it an open meeting and allowed press to attend the meeting.

Landowners said they had not heard from Davis’ office in more than a year after raising complaints about the pipeline project. Many of the landowners had their land taken under eminent domain. According to the Greene Prairie Press, the local landowners all agreed that Spire had damaged the land and did not follow proper protocols when burying the pipeline. Others called on the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission to be investigated for not setting a hearing on the issues.

The local authorities have asked for a Congressional inquiry into FERC and Spire’s dealing on the matter.