Greene County Fire Departments Suppress Eldred House Fire on Fourth of July

By Benjamin Cox on July 8, 2021 at 8:42pm

Greene County Firefighters had to break away from celebrations on the Fourth of July for a structure fire in Eldred.

The Carrollton Fire Department received a call for a structure fire at 2:30 in the afternoon this past Sunday to 324 Locust Street. The home across the street from the Eldred American Legion.

Mutual aid was called for from White Hall and Greenfield. Carrollton Fire Chief Tim Thaxton told the Greene Prairie Press that with it being a holiday, he wanted to ensure there was enough help to suppress the fire.

Thaxton says he believes the origins of the fire was in the kitchen that traveled to the living room of the home and up into the ceilings and attic. Thaxton says the occupant of the home was a collector in a possible hoarding situation and had boxes from floor to ceiling in the home presenting challenges and hazards to firefighters in the suppression efforts. A door had to be cut off the hinges and several windows had to be knocked out to complete suppression efforts. The occupant of the home, an elderly woman, was taken out of the home by a neighbor who had reported the fire. Thaxton says he doesn’t know if the woman knew the house was on fire or not.

No estimate of damage to the home has been provided. Suppression of the fire lasted just over 2 hours.