Greene County Health Department Receives Grant Money to Expand Programs

By Benjamin Cox on February 23, 2022 at 1:58pm

The Greene County Health Department announced yesterday that it had received additional funding this fiscal year.

In a press release yesterday, the Greene County Health Department announced its receiving an additional $170,000 this year to expand its service due to receiving competitive grants. Greene County Health Department Administrator Molly Peters says the additional funding came from three separate entities: “One of those is an opioid awareness grant, which is focused on identifying some surveillance and data information about what locations are really experiencing high needs and are concerned troubled areas within the county so we can better prepare and provide prevention efforts to that area. The other one is a NACCHO grant, which is the National Association of County and City Health Officials, and this grant is specifically about vaccination awareness. It includes standard vaccines and helping people understand the need for vaccines and why we have been providing them for decades. We want to encourage folks to continue to get vaccinated for various things, as well.

Peters says the increased funding will help to provide two additional services from the health department: “Family planning clinics and an STD clinic is going to be opened as walk-in clinics Mondays and Thursdays from 1-3PM. These services are going to be walk-in. Individuals that would like to see a nurse practitioner, which is that person is only here one day a week…so if they are wanting to see them, they would likely schedule an appointment. In general, though, walk-in clinics would be available for family planning and we are going to attempt to broaden that scope. We know that these services are definitely needed and it’s something that the community is looking for.”

For more information about the department’s childhood immunization program, visit

COVID-19 vaccinations are still available every Wednesday at the North Greene office, located at 205 S. Morse Street in Roodhouse, and every Friday at the Carrollton office, located at 310 Fifth Street.

Hours for some clinics may vary. Visit the Greene County Health Department’s website or Facebook Page for more details.