Greene County Health Department’s Home Health Program Continues 40+ Years of Service

By Benjamin Cox on June 16, 2020 at 2:50pm

The Greene County Health Department is using one of their original and oldest programs to care for residents in their own home. The Health Department’s Home Health program provides registered nurses traveling to Greene County residents’ homes to provide a variety of healthcare society. Greene County Health Department Administrator Molly Peters says the Home Health program has been an original part of the department since its founding in 1969. “Home Health allows individuals to utilize their home and have nursing assistance when care is needed. We offer that for Greene County residents and anyone that asks for our organization. Doctor’s offices may prescribe certain activities if you’re in need of IV administration or wound care. Those are typically things you are allowed access to at home. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy are all things we organize and assist with and perform.”

Peters says that the amount of care varies per person. “Each person is assessed based on their need, and then we schedule based on what assistance we can provide. We also have a nurse aid that assists with baths and other services. We do have respite care, but it’s very minimal. We do have other aids and nursing staff that come in throughout the week or as needed – maybe it’s once a week, maybe it’s twice a week.”

Peters says that some people use the service after a specific medical need, like a surgery, on a temporary basis and others may use the service long-term. Peters says that payment can depend upon a person’s private insurance provider, or if they are a Medicare patient, it is covered with no additional co-pay. Other insurances may have a co-pay for the service.

Peters says the Health Department has 5 available nurses and 2 home health aids who work in the program.

Peters says if people want to know more about the program, they should call Beth Tepen at the Greene County Health Department at 217-942-6961.