Greene County Still Without Engineer, Facing MFT Shut Off From IDOT

By Benjamin Cox on February 10, 2022 at 9:05pm

Greene County is scrambling to find a county engineer before the Illinois Department of Transportation suspends it’s Motor Fuel Tax funding.

Greene County has been without an engineer since David Marth resigned in December 2020. Last month, the county received a notice from IDOT that if they don’t have a new full-time engineer in place by March 25th that their motor fuel tax money would be cut off.

The Greene Prairie Press says that the County Board is currently floating the idea of adding a sign-on bonus for a potential candidate to the position. IDOT has supposedly told the board that county engineers have been a tough-to-fill position in recent years, since IDOT requires at least 6 years of experience in order to even apply for the job.

A letter from the Greene County Board will be going out to Township Commissioners this week detailing the situation, letting them know their Motor Fuel Tax money will be suspended next month unless the position gets filled.