Greenfield Alderman Candidate Has Lawsuit Against the City, Chief of Police

By Benjamin Cox on March 26, 2021 at 6:35pm

A candidate for Ward II in the City Greenfield is suing the city and its police chief over alleged intimidation.

Christopher McMillen, who is a former Greenfield Police Officer, has a pending lawsuit against the city claiming that they violated the state’s “Whistleblower Act.” According to the Greene Prairie Press, McMillen submitted his resignation to the Greenfield City Council from the police department on July 8th, 2019. McMillen then turned around and filed his lawsuit against the city in Greene County Court on July 2nd last year.

According to the lawsuit, from the fall of 2018 into 2019, McMillen became increasingly concerned that Chief John Good had engaged in acts in violation of Illinois law. The Greene Prairie Press reports that McMillen reported Goode’s actions to the mayor and the city council, with no action taken. McMillen also alleges that he reported it to the city’s police committee and was met with “critical…comments” according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit also alleges that Goode made accusations to the mayor and members of the city council saying McMillen “had no respect for authority and chose to operate against the policies and procedures of both Goode and the police department.” The lawsuit further alleges that Goode urged the council to terminate McMillen’s contract. The Greene Prairie Press further reports that McMillen was removed from shifts he normally worked with the department after reporting Goode’s behavior. McMillen then allegedly spoke with Mayor Nick Bishop about concerns over his continued employment, with possible board action to take place on July 11th considering his possible termination. McMillen claims in the lawsuit that he felt he had no further choice to resign so as to not adversely affect future opportunities to be employed as a police officer with another unit of local government. McMillen’s resignation was accepted by the board at that time 4-2.

McMillen is seeking relief from damages and loss of income due to what has been characterized as a “constructive discharge” in the lawsuit.

McMillen is currently running against 4-term incumbent Dave Bishop in Ward 2 of the city. If McMillen wins his election to the city council, he will likely have to withdraw from the lawsuit due to conflict of interest ruling in common law doctrine of the state appellate court.