Greenfield woman rams vehicle into Star Lite Motel

By Benjamin Cox on December 22, 2018 at 11:26am

A Greenfield woman was arrested on a slew of charges after driving her vehicle into the Star Lite Motel this morning – twice.

The Jacksonville Police Department arrested 29 year old Tiffany Eddy, of Greenfield, and she was booked at the Morgan County Jail at 2 a.m. for aggravated battery (of a police officer), endangering the life/health/safety of a child, criminal damage to property, battery, resisting a peace officer, aggravated assault, and reckless driving.

WLDS/WEAI News was able to acquire photographs of the incident. However, a representative of the Star Lite Motel informed us of the potential for criminal charges to be filed if the pictures were posted on our website.

Jacksonville Police Department Lieutenant Sean Walker explains how the ordeal started that led to Eddy’s vehicular actions.

“Right at midnight on December 22nd, officers were called to the Star Lite Motel. It was reported that a car had crashed into a motel room. Once officers got there, they made contact with Tiffany Eddy, who was eventually arrested. It was determined that she and her husband and their two children had rented out the motel room, and a friend of hers had come over and was staying in the motel room with them. At some point, an argument ensued, and she and her husband eventually made their way out to the parking lot. During a fit of anger, she got in her car and started driving after him.”

Lieutenant Walker describes what happened after Eddy’s husband fled the hotel room on foot.

“He retreated back into the motel room, and she crashed through the wall going after him. She was able to once get the car out of the wall, and proceeded to crash back into the wall. About that time was when officers were called, and when they arrived she was taken into custody. You can see all the charges that would stem from the initial incident, but then there were more after the officers arrived on scene, as she resisted arrest and fought the officers, spitting on one and tackling another one. She also threw a shoe, striking an officer.”

Tiffany Eddy remains behind bars at the Morgan County Detention Facility.