Grocery Ordering to Soon be Available in Carrollton

By Jeremy Coumbes on June 10, 2021 at 4:02pm

Photo Credit- Molly Peters, Greene County Health Department.

Residents of Carrollton were surprised to see a grocery store trailer pop up in the parking lot of the former IGA store Wednesday.

The My County Market Trailer took even Greene County Health Department Administrator Molly Peters by surprise. She says she was aware there had been conversation with County Market following the close of the IGA stores in Greene county.

I had heard there was some coordination of city officials, and I believe Pharmacy Plus in Greene County here, coordinating County Market to come in and be available for the community. When I saw it had popped up I just thought it is really good to get information out, and I’m sure there were several in the community talking about it and wondering what is going on.”

Peters says she knows more information will be made available about the service in the near future. She says though that there is a chance, the pop-up service could lead to a long-term presence in the community.

It seems it is going to be a couple of days a week in the evening for pick up. Everything is ordered through County Market and refrigerated in this truck and then individuals would go and pick up their order at the site.

They must have used this trailer previously when there was a fire at one of their community stores, and they used this in the short term so that people had access to food ordering.

So they are trying to set up a location to see if it is going to be a viable location for a new store. I feel like it is pretty important that the community supports it so we have local grocery access to be able to maintain healthy food options for our community.”

Peters says the area is lucky to have two existing businesses that are helping to keep fresh food available in Greene County. “Meehan’s in Greenfield is still a grocery store in the community and Trippe J Meats in Roodhouse has also added in a lot of variety to their store. So it’s important to participate in local stores so that we have access to that healthy food option.”

Peters says there are also several groups that have formed to help with ordering or the pick up of groceries and she is asking the public to please join the groups or help support them.

Peters says the groups can be found on Facebook as Lettuce Serve You and Reaching Out….To Help Others. Additionally, Peters says the local libraries would also be more than willing to assist the community.

She says residents could potentially utilize computer access at libraries in the Greene County area for help with learning how to order online.