Grojean Wonders If Old Elliott Facade Should be Saved

By Gary Scott on May 22, 2019 at 6:00am

A former Jacksonville alderman and current businessman is gauging the public’s interest in an 11th hour attempt to save a portion of a downtown building considered historic.
Tom Grojean wonders if anyone would support an effort to save the façade of the old Elliott State Bank building at State and Mauvaisterre.
Jacksonville mayor Andy Ezard says US Bank owns the building, and wants it down. He says it would be demolished on their dime, and not the city’s.
Grojean says he is acting on his own, but would like to gauge the support for the possibility.
He says Jacksonville has lost too many buildings downtown.
Ezard says the time is crucial.
Grojean says now is the time to act, if he can find support.
Grojean says the issue becomes a moot point if the façade is in such bad shape that it’s not worth saving.
Ezard says US Bank plans to make the space at the corner a green space.
Grojean encourages anyone who might have an interest in this project to contact himself, or Mayor Ezard.