Hamden’s Closed in Roodhouse

By Benjamin Cox on February 13, 2020 at 7:22am

A Roodhouse store is going through tough times. Hamden’s Grocery Store, formerly Meehan’s Grocery, recently had a sign on its door saying the store was closed for remodeling. Roodhouse Mayor Tom Martin told WLDS News that the store was having financial issues last week. Martin told the Greene Prairie Press that the utilities to the building were recently shut off due to non-payment.

The store is currently owned and operated by Frank Egee, who purchased the store in April last year from Tom and Karen Meehan. The Meehan’s had ran the store for close to four decades before retiring.

Martin told the Greene Prairie Press that the city-run electric utility may be turned back on to the building in the coming days due to subzero temperatures. Martin said he has not been able to make contact with Egee. He said he would have to make contact before turning the utilities back on to the building. There is no phone number listed for Egee online, except for the store number.